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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Smålandskavlen (26.10.2018)
Freitag 26 Oktober 2018
Asaryd, Alvesta SOK, Växjö OK, Sweden
relay, Strecke 1|Ergebnisse
Somehow a bit tired and some stomach problems all day before race. Felt weak. Started from last line and can not get in front beca...
Latvian championship (08.09.2018)
Samstag 8 September 2018
Turaida, LOF, Latvia
relay, Strecke 2/3|Ergebnisse
Sweet victory, just a day after another trail race with 700m climb! Perfect performance from Edgars Bertuks and some other team m...
Klubu stafetes (01.09.2018)
Samstag 1 September 2018
Kadaga, Kapa OK, Latvia
relay, Strecke 7/7|Ergebnisse
Took a part in Club relay with my Latvian team. 10 people 7 legs. Run the last leg, did good performance, with 1.5' mistakes total...
EFOL (08.08.2018)
Mittwoch 8 August 2018
Sigulda, LOF, Latvia
Tough sprint for my legs, just 5 days after ultra trail race. Lost victory already to the first control.
WOC selection race (07.07.2018)
Hard and long day in the forest. Tried to push in the beginning, but soon understood that I can not.. I could run only on the roa...
Jukola   (15.06.2018)
Freitag 15 Juni 2018
Lahti-Hollola, Lahden Suunistajat-37, Finland
relay, Strecke 1/7|Ergebnisse
Did not run good race in 1st leg. Missed 1st control about 1.5', than I was a bit nervous and also did not take good 2nd and 3rd c...
Baltic champ (26.05.2018)
Samstag 26 Mai 2018
Tartaks, LOF, Latvia
relay, Strecke 1|Ergebnisse
Destroyed all race to control No. 3. In first attempt did not see a control in depression (actually did not see a depression at al...
Baltic champ (25.05.2018)
Freitag 25 Mai 2018
Tartaks, LOF, Latvia
Very good start from my side. Return to national team after longer brake. Start to 2nd - did it quite slow, to get in map. Act...
10mila (27.04.2018)
Freitag 27 April 2018
Nynäshamn, IFK Enskede, Sweden
Relay, Strecke 1/10|Ergebnisse
Latvian championship (21.04.2018)
Samstag 21 April 2018
Kamparkalns, OK Saldus, SIA O Latvija, Latvia
Latvian champ long distance. Went to the start without any predictions about my orienteering performance in the long distance as l...
Kurzemes pavasaris (WRE) (06.04.2018)
Freitag 6 April 2018
Vipedis, OK Saldus, Latvia
Not the best race, even if I took safe and good first control, than I did 2 min mistakes on 2nd. There was some extra pit before m...
Lieldienu Balva (01.04.2018)
Sonntag 1 April 2018
Petersala, Mona OK, Latvia
Straight from Sweden camp to sprint race. Got a good flow and speed, but missed 9th control, when run in fence. Lost 45'' there an...