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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Smålandskavlen (26-10-2018)
Sexta-Feira 26 Outubro 2018
Asaryd, Alvesta SOK, Växjö OK, Sweden
relay, percurso de estafeta 1|Resultados
Somehow a bit tired and some stomach problems all day before race. Felt weak. Started from last line and can not get in front beca...
Latvian championship (08-09-2018)
Sábado 8 Setembro 2018
Turaida, LOF, Latvia
relay, percurso de estafeta 2/3|Resultados
Sweet victory, just a day after another trail race with 700m climb! Perfect performance from Edgars Bertuks and some other team m...
Klubu stafetes (01-09-2018)
Sábado 1 Setembro 2018
Kadaga, Kapa OK, Latvia
relay, percurso de estafeta 7/7|Resultados
Took a part in Club relay with my Latvian team. 10 people 7 legs. Run the last leg, did good performance, with 1.5' mistakes total...
EFOL (08-08-2018)
Quarta-Feira 8 Agosto 2018
Sigulda, LOF, Latvia
Tough sprint for my legs, just 5 days after ultra trail race. Lost victory already to the first control.
WOC selection race (07-07-2018)
Sábado 7 Julho 2018
Ligatne, LOF, Latvia
Hard and long day in the forest. Tried to push in the beginning, but soon understood that I can not.. I could run only on the roa...
Jukola   (15-06-2018)
Sexta-Feira 15 Junho 2018
Lahti-Hollola, Lahden Suunistajat-37, Finland
relay, percurso de estafeta 1/7|Resultados
Did not run good race in 1st leg. Missed 1st control about 1.5', than I was a bit nervous and also did not take good 2nd and 3rd c...
Baltic champ (26-05-2018)
Sábado 26 Maio 2018
Tartaks, LOF, Latvia
relay, percurso de estafeta 1|Resultados
Destroyed all race to control No. 3. In first attempt did not see a control in depression (actually did not see a depression at al...
Baltic champ (25-05-2018)
Sexta-Feira 25 Maio 2018
Tartaks, LOF, Latvia
Very good start from my side. Return to national team after longer brake. Start to 2nd - did it quite slow, to get in map. Act...
10mila (27-04-2018)
Sexta-Feira 27 Abril 2018
Nynäshamn, IFK Enskede, Sweden
Relay, percurso de estafeta 1/10|Resultados
Latvian championship (21-04-2018)
Sábado 21 Abril 2018
Kamparkalns, OK Saldus, SIA O Latvija, Latvia
Latvian champ long distance. Went to the start without any predictions about my orienteering performance in the long distance as l...
Kurzemes pavasaris (WRE) (06-04-2018)
Sexta-Feira 6 Abril 2018
Vipedis, OK Saldus, Latvia
Not the best race, even if I took safe and good first control, than I did 2 min mistakes on 2nd. There was some extra pit before m...
Lieldienu Balva (01-04-2018)
Domingo 1 Abril 2018
Petersala, Mona OK, Latvia
Straight from Sweden camp to sprint race. Got a good flow and speed, but missed 9th control, when run in fence. Lost 45'' there an...