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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Euromeeting middle (2019-09-14)
laupäev 14 september 2019
Vitipalu, OK Peko, Estonia
After longer break took a part in international competition. Almost missed start, because in my head start time for me was 13:37,...
Latvian championship Relay (2019-09-08)
pühapäev 8 september 2019
Tartaks, LOF, Latvia
relay, vahetus 2/3|Tulemused
First leg runner got the longest forking already to the first 2 CP and lost contact with leaders. 2' mistake for him to 4th CP dro...
Klubu stafetes (2019-09-01)
pühapäev 1 september 2019
Mezgarciems, OK Kapa, Latvia
relay, vahetus 7/7|Tulemused
After bigger break did an orienteering race. Last leg for my Latvian club. Not happy with my performance, because almost 3' till p...
Latvian championship Long (2019-05-11)
laupäev 11 mai 2019
Kapusils, OK Azimuts, Latvia
Quite good race from side. Almost all race I did alone in pure rain. My speed was too low, but technical performance was good, onl...
Tiomila (2019-04-27)
laupäev 27 aprill 2019
Glimåkra, FK Göingarna, Sweden
relay, vahetus 1/10|Tulemused
Almost perfect race, but in the last part did not focus so much and did a 4' mistake when we where in front only 4 guys. Too cold ...
Kevätyön viesti (2019-04-12)
reede 12 aprill 2019
Raisio, Rusko, Turun Suunistajat, Finland
relay, vahetus 1/3|Tulemused
Very good race, without mistakes, lost 36" for the first guy. Night training gives a results.
Nyköpingsnatten (2019-03-22)
reede 22 märts 2019
Nyköpings OK, Sweden
night, vahetus 1|Tulemused
Not so good start of orienteering season. Technical performance very poor. Need to improve it -> more orienteering. Mass start.