Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Cesu stafete (20.09.2020)
Søndag 20 September 2020
Driškins, OK Meridians, Latvia
relay, etappe 1/3|Resultat
Felt good enough to run also very fast. Actually really liked the terrain, despite a huge mistake to 2nd control together with all...
Latvian championship (06.09.2020)
Søndag 6 September 2020
Garezeri, LOF, Latvia
relay, etappe 1/3|Resultat
Very good race from my side. Start with big self confidence and push as hard as I can, also slow down where I need. Finished 2nd i...
Latvian championship  (05.09.2020)
Lørdag 5 September 2020
Garezeri, LOF, Latvia
Overall good race from my side with BIG mistake which cost me 2'. Anyway I was too slow and careful, but it was a good experience ...
Latvian championship Long (19.07.2020)
Søndag 19 Juli 2020
Jaujas, LOF, Latvia
Overall I am satisfied with my race, because my orienteering skill is far from good due to small amount of training. Start too f...
Meness night relay (20.06.2020)
Lørdag 20 Juni 2020
Lielstraupe, Meridians, Latvia
relay, etappe 2/4|Resultat
Not so good performance. Okay, I was training quite lot before and my legs was not so fresh (also mind). First leg runner withdr...