Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Siguldas rudens (02.10.2022)
Søndag 2 Oktober 2022
Turaidas Skola, A2, Latvia
short long|Resultat
Very bad race, tired after yesterdays trail running competition 25km. Needed last one result for Latvian cup overall standing. Don...
Latvian championship (25.09.2022)
Søndag 25 September 2022
Virtaka, Latvia
ultra long|Resultat
Viestiliiga final (17.09.2022)
Lørdag 17 September 2022
Virvik, OK Trian, Finland
relay, etappe 1/3|Resultat
Started from last row, but took very good and smoothly the first control. After that I was on my way to 2nd control, but in the la...
Latvian championship (04.09.2022)
Søndag 4 September 2022
Vipedis, Saldus OK, Latvia
relay, etappe 1/3|Resultat
Stable race for all of team members and gold is back in home!
Latvian championship (03.09.2022)
Lørdag 3 September 2022
Vilkupurvs, Saldus OK, Latvia
Overall very good run, felt like a medal run or atleast TOP6, but was a bit too short, some stomach pains in the last part and als...
Klubu stafetes (28.08.2022)
Søndag 28 August 2022
Garkalne, KAPA OK, Latvia
relay, etappe 7/7|Resultat
Kapa III (03.07.2022)
Søndag 3 Juli 2022
irbene, OK KAPA, Latvia
At least normal race from my side. Yes, there was some mistakes, biggest one to control 16th where map was incorrect (yellow borde...
Kapa II (02.07.2022)
Lørdag 2 Juli 2022
Irbene, OK KAPA, Latvia
tried to win this day. Still was leading the race after mistake to 14th control, but and was 2nd at 18th control, but probably ove...
Kapa I (01.07.2022)
Fredag 1 Juli 2022
Irbene, OK KAPA, Latvia
Too much respect for the terrain in the beginning, also one big mistake to 6th control and at 10th control I loose already 7' to t...
Jukola (18.06.2022)
Lørdag 18 Juni 2022
Mynämäki , MS-52 & Liedon Parma, Finland
relay, etappe 1/7|Resultat
TuMe 2. Started from first row with a bib number 13. Did a perfect start to to keep in front after start triangle. Everything wen...
Meness stafetes (10.06.2022)
Fredag 10 Juni 2022
Driskina ezers, Meridians OK, Latvia
relay, etappe 1|Resultat
10mila  (07.05.2022)
Lørdag 7 Mai 2022
Annaboda, Hagaby, Sweden
relay, etappe 1|Resultat
10mila model (06.05.2022)
Fredag 6 Mai 2022
Annaboda, Hagaby, Sweden
10mila training (05.05.2022)
Torsdag 5 Mai 2022
Gardsjotorp, Orebro, Hagaby, Sweden
Kolmårdskavlen (18.04.2022)
Mandag 18 April 2022
Ågelsjön, OK Kolmården, Sweden
relay, etappe 3/4|Resultat
Again pretty good race, despite my knee is still hurting. Not the best route choice to 2nd and 3rd control, small mistake to 4th c...
Stigtomtakavlen (16.04.2022)
Lørdag 16 April 2022
Gromossen, OK Hällen, Sweden
relay, etappe 5/6|Resultat
Pretty good race. Could run faster, but did it save. Very small mistakes on the 1st and 2nd control, maybe not the best route choi...
Ziemelu divdienas (10.04.2022)
Søndag 10 April 2022
Lilaste lake N, KAPA OK, Latvia
Felt very, very good. Started really fast and perfect. Did not slow down in the trickiest par of the terrain, so did two bigger mi...
Ziemelu divdienas (09.04.2022)
Lørdag 9 April 2022
Zeltini, Saulkrasti, KAPA OK, Latvia
Good start, but problems started just before control No14, where I did not see the hole and lost around 30". Also my SI Air died t...