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Welcome to my digital map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Jukola (15.06.2019)
Samstag 15 Juni 2019
Kangasala, Suomi
Night Relay, Strecke 3/7
Latvian Championship Sprint Relay (02.06.2019)
Sonntag 2 Juni 2019
Limbazi, ZVOC, Latvia
Sprint relay, Strecke 2/3
Latvian Championship Sprint (01.06.2019)
Samstag 1 Juni 2019
Limbazi, ZVOC, Latvia
Baltic Championship Relay (26.05.2019)
Sonntag 26 Mai 2019
Rouge, OK Voru, Estonia
Relay, Strecke 1/3
Baltic Championship Long (25.05.2019)
Samstag 25 Mai 2019
Rouge, OK Voru, Estonia
Latvian Championship Long (11.05.2019)
Samstag 11 Mai 2019
LOF, OK Azimuts, Latvia
(Short) Long|Ergebnisse
Daugavas kauss (27.04.2019)
Samstag 27 April 2019
Zilie kalni, OK Ogre, Latvia
Relay, Strecke 3/3|Ergebnisse
Lieldienu Balva (22.04.2019)
Montag 22 April 2019
Agenskalns, OK Mona, Latvia
Maximus O Meeting Sprint (16.02.2019)
Samstag 16 Februar 2019
El Barraco, Maximus OK, Spain
Maximus O Meeting Middle (16.02.2019)
Samstag 16 Februar 2019
Hoyo de Pinares, Maximus OK, Spain