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Welcome to my digital map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Mezmalu kauss (11.10.2020)
Neděle 11 říjen 2020
Teirumniku taka, Mezmalas, Latvia
Shortened Long|Výsledky
Watch didn't save route :(
Latvian Night Championship (10.10.2020)
Siguldas rudens (03.10.2020)
Sobota 3 říjen 2020
Vikmestes grava, A2, LOF, Latvia
Mass start middle|Výsledky
Mass start. After 3rd control we were already just three runners in a group - me with Ilgvars Caune and Valters Reneslacis. Ran e...
FC Relay (20.09.2020)
Neděle 20 září 2020
Pöytyällä , Rasti 88, Finland
Relay, úsek 2/4|Výsledky
FC Sprint Final (19.09.2020)
Sobota 19 září 2020
Salo, Angelniemen Ankkuri, Finland
FC Sprint Q (19.09.2020)
Sobota 19 září 2020
Salo, Angelniemen Ankkuri, Finland
FC Long Final (13.09.2020)
Neděle 13 září 2020
Vuorijärvi, Siikainen, Kankaanpään Suunnistajat, Finland
FC Long Q (12.09.2020)
Sobota 12 září 2020
Vuorijärvi, Siikainen, Kankaanpään Suunnistajat, Finland
Shortened Long|Výsledky
Drawn route + actual route. Some inaccuracies in the second part where I just followed.
Latvian Championship Relay (06.09.2020)
Neděle 6 září 2020
Garezeri, OK Kapa, LOF, O!Latvija, Latvia
Relay, úsek 3/3|Výsledky
Started as 3rd with two teams far ahead and two teams close behind. Got caught by Roze and Krumins at 3rd, when I made a mistake....
Latvian Championship Middle (05.09.2020)
4th place. Technically - perfect. Less than 30'' in mistakes. Physically it was a very good day, but not perfect. Started to los...
Klubu stafetes (30.08.2020)
Neděle 30 srpen 2020
Grunduli, OK Kapa, Latvia
Relay, úsek 7/7
4th place for our team. Fast terrain!
Latvian Championship Sprint Relay (02.08.2020)
Neděle 2 srpen 2020
Valmiera Vecpuisu parks, ZVOC; O!Latvija; LOF, Latvia
Sprint relay, úsek 2/3|Výsledky
Latvian Championship Sprint (01.08.2020)
Sobota 1 srpen 2020
Valmiera Pargauja, ZVOC; O!Latvija; LOF, Latvia
Latvian Championship Long (19.07.2020)
Neděle 19 červenec 2020
Jaujas, O!Latvija, LOF, OK Arona, Latvia
mp. Very bad day physically. Some problem with muscles - no power in legs. Still I fought hard until 23, but Arturs Paulins caugh...
Meness Night Relay (20.06.2020)
Sobota 20 červen 2020
Lielstraupe, OK Meridians, Latvia
Night relay, úsek 4/4|Výsledky
First race in Latvia this season. Night relay fun in full form. Even if my run was not too spectacular with mistakes to 4th (1'20'...
Jukola 1995 rerun (13.06.2020)
Sobota 13 červen 2020
Hinsby, OK Trian, Finland
NIght Relay, úsek 2/7
Interesting concept race. Rerun of 1995 Jukola race for 11 teams. Map (with some adjustments) and courses from 25 years ago. I had...
World Cup 2017 Middle rerun (16.05.2020)
Self-made race. With real controls and SIACs. And freezing rain. Virtual place 66th. Mostly good, some smaller troubles.
Maximus O Meeting Long (16.02.2020)
Neděle 16 únor 2020
Matacimera - Navaluenga, Maximus O Camp, Spain
Typical Iberic Long distance. Was pretty tired after middle + sprint combo yesterday so just tried to keep steady pace and avoid m...
Maximus O Meeting Sprint (15.02.2020)
Pretty good run with no real mistakes. 13th control was misplaced for a few runners, including me, lost around 10'' there.
Maximus O Meeting Middle (15.02.2020)
Very difficult middle distance. Pretty bad performance, but OK, compared with others.
Winter O Cup VI (31.01.2020)
Pátek 31 leden 2020
Oryantiring academy, Turkey
Night sprint
Winter O Cup II (29.01.2020)
Středa 29 leden 2020
Oryantiring academy, Turkey
Night sprint