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Welcome to my digital map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Latvian Championship Ultra long (08/10/2017)
Sunday 8 October 2017
Katleri, Selijas mezs OK, Latvia
Ultra long
A surprising ending to season 2017 - a silver medal in a very strong field. After stupid mistakes to first two controls and follow...
Siguldas rudens (01/10/2017)
Sunday 1 October 2017
Ratnieki, A2, Latvia
Middle-ish (mass start)|Results
Latvian Night Championship (30/09/2017)
Saturday 30 September 2017
Silciema karjers, SK Briksnis, Latvia
Night (mass start)|Results
Cesu rudens stafetes (24/09/2017)
Sunday 24 September 2017
Kuku klintis, Meridans OK, Latvia
Relay, leg 3/3
Cesu rudens (23/09/2017)
Saturday 23 September 2017
Kuku klintis, Meridians OK, Latvia
Klubu stafetes (16/09/2017)
Saturday 16 September 2017
OK Kapa, Latvia
Relay, leg 7/7
Latvian Championship Relay (10/09/2017)
Sunday 10 September 2017
Ligatne, LOF, Latvia
Relay, leg 3/3|Results
5th place for Ozons 1 (Pauls Platais, Davis Dislers and me). Not the best race from any of us. I started as 3rd, but made minor mi...
Latvian Championship Middle (09/09/2017)
Saturday 9 September 2017
Ligatne, LOF, Latvia
Long, very physical and technically difficult middle distance. Not the perfect race, but enough for 6th place among all the best.
Latvian Championship Middle (Old map) (09/09/2017)
Saturday 9 September 2017
Ligatne, LOF, LATVIA
World Cup Relay (26/08/2017)
Saturday 26 August 2017
Ozolkalns, Latvia
Relay, leg 3/3
Team Latvia 2 with Davis Dislers and Uldis Upitis.
World Cup Test Race (12/08/2017)
Saturday 12 August 2017
Dukuli, ZVOC, Latvia
NightHawk Day (05/08/2017)
Saturday 5 August 2017
Eggemoen, Night Hawk, Norway
Relay Day, leg 8/8 (mass
NightHawk Night (04/08/2017)
Friday 4 August 2017
Eggemon, Night Hawk, Norway
Relay Night, leg 4/8
Kapa III (02/07/2017)
Sunday 2 July 2017
Klajumi, Kapa, Latvia
Kapa II (01/07/2017)
Saturday 1 July 2017
Tartaks, Kapa, Latvia
Kapa I (30/06/2017)
Friday 30 June 2017
Tartaks, Kapa, Latvia
Middle WRE
Latvian Championship Long (14/05/2017)
Sunday 14 May 2017
OK Aluksne-Ape, Latvia
Latvian Championship Sprint (06/05/2017)
Saturday 6 May 2017
Liepaja, O!Latvija, Latvia
Daugavas kauss (01/05/2017)
Monday 1 May 2017
Ok Ogre, Latvia
Relay, leg 3/3
10Mila (29/04/2017)
Saturday 29 April 2017
Relay Night, leg 1/10