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Welcome to my digital map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

World Cup CZE Sprint B final (07/10/2018)
Pazar 7 Ekim 2018
Mlada Boleslav, Czezh Republic
World Cup CZE Middle (06/10/2018)
Cumartesi 6 Ekim 2018
Valdstejn, Czech Republic
Cesu Rudens Stafete (23/09/2018)
Pazar 23 Eylül 2018
OK Meridians, Latvia
Relay, ayak 1/3
SM Viesti (15/09/2018)
Cumartesi 15 Eylül 2018
Rovaniemi, Finland
Relay, ayak 2/4
Fourth place. 2nd leg: 1.->9.
Latvian Championship Relay (09/09/2018)
Pazar 9 Eylül 2018
Turaida, O!Latvija, Latvia
Relay, ayak 2/3|Sonuçlar
Chasing, chasing, chasing. 12th->7th. Not the best line to 1st (+10'') and a parallel mistake (+40'') in the midle of 2nd leg. Oth...
Latvian Championship Middle (08/09/2018)
Cumartesi 8 Eylül 2018
Turaida, O!Latvija, Latvia
Klubu stafetes (02/09/2018)
Pazar 2 Eylül 2018
Kadaga, OK Kapa, Latvia
Relay, ayak 1/7
1st leg for team Ozons 1. As expected, very fast start. First trouble already to 7th where followed compass and somehow ran in th...
WOC O-WEEK LONG (12/08/2018)
Pazar 12 Agustos 2018
Turaida, Aigars Varna, Ainars Lupikis un citi, Latvia
Pretty good performance. Also physically well. Won with 6 minutes.
WOC O-WEEK MIDDLE (08/08/2018)
Çarsamba 8 Agustos 2018
Laurenci, Aigars Varna & Co, Latvia
Overall good, except for retarded moment to 20 and wrong route choice to 22. Very tired in the last physical part.
WOC O-WEEK SPRINT (07/08/2018)
Sali 7 Agustos 2018
Brivdabas muzejs, Aigars Varna & Co, Latvia
Forest sprint
OO Cup Day 5 (29/07/2018)
Pazar 29 Temmuz 2018
DROT, France
OO Cup Day 4 (28/07/2018)
Cumartesi 28 Temmuz 2018
DROT, France
OO Cup Day 3 (27/07/2018)
Cuma 27 Temmuz 2018
DROT, France
OO Cup Day 2 (26/07/2018)
Persembe 26 Temmuz 2018
DROT, France
OO Cup Day 1 (25/07/2018)
Çarsamba 25 Temmuz 2018
DROT, France
WOC Middle Test (07/07/2018)
Cumartesi 7 Temmuz 2018
Ligatne, O!Latvija, Latvia
Messed up 11th.
Jukola (16/06/2018)
Cumartesi 16 Haziran 2018
Hollola, Jukola, Finland
Relay, ayak 3/7|Sonuçlar
Meridiana nakts stafete (08/06/2018)
Cuma 8 Haziran 2018
Silku mezs, Meridians, Latvia
Night relay, ayak 3/3
Latvian Championship Sprint Relay (03/06/2018)
Pazar 3 Haziran 2018
Madona, OK Arona, Latvia
Sprint relay, ayak 1/3
Latvian Championships Sprint (02/06/2018)
Cumartesi 2 Haziran 2018
Madona, OK Arona, Latvia
SM keskimatka AF (26/05/2018)
Cumartesi 26 Mayis 2018
Halisenromput, Kouvolan Suunistajat, Finland
38th. Not bad.
SM keskimatka Q M21K5 (26/05/2018)
Cumartesi 26 Mayis 2018
Hunkerinromput, Kouvolan Suunistajat, Finalnd
8th -> A final
SaSu keskimatka 2 (19/05/2018)
Cumartesi 19 Mayis 2018
Tervaruukinsalo, Savon Suunta, Finland
13th place, +5:41
SaSu keskimatka 1 (19/05/2018)
Cumartesi 19 Mayis 2018
Tervaruukinsalo, Savon Suunta, Finland
Daugavas kauss (01/05/2018)
Sali 1 Mayis 2018
Tome, OK Ogre, Latvia
Relay, ayak 3/3|Sonuçlar
1st place for Ozons 1 with Martins Skujenieks and Davis Dislers in the team. Heavy physical feeling and again a serious mistake to...
10Mila Langa Natten (29/04/2018)
Pazar 29 Nisan 2018
Nynashamn, 10Mila, Sweden
Night relay, ayak 4/10
OK Klemmingen. 166->135.
Latvian Championship Long (22/04/2018)
Pazar 22 Nisan 2018
Kamparkalns, LOF, OK Saldus, OK Ziemelkurzeme, Latvia
5th place, 7:12 after the champion Andris Jubelis. 3:43 after third place Edgars Bertuks. Three minute mistake to the first contro...
Middle Testlauf (07/04/2018)
Cumartesi 7 Nisan 2018
Sonvico, Switzerland
Apart from mistake to 7th - pretty ok. Not pushing hard in the beginning to save energy for the end and it was the right decision....
Testlauf Sprint (06/04/2018)
Cuma 6 Nisan 2018
Novaggio, Team Suisse, Switzerland
Season opener. Sprint with no sprint training is not the best idea I have ever had. Had a lot of fun, but performance was just awf...