Malienas kauss 2nd day (15/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Murata ezers
Organiser: OK Aluksne/Ape
Country: Latvia
Discipline: long
Distance: 16.42 km
Time: 94:48
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 182
Took a part in my Latvian club organized competition 2nd day - chasing start. Started the last one 21' behind the first day winner. Goal was do a race in competition speed and tried to catch some guys in front of me. Speed was good, but orienteering performance was quite poor, because of mistakes (total 6').. Finished with the best time of day in 6th position (without mistakes I could finish in 4th position overall).
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Malienas kauss 2nd day (15/08/2015)