Euromeeting 2015 (25/09/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kirikuküla
Organiser: EOF
Country: Estonia
Discipline: long
Distance: 17.35 km
Time: 92:36
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 179
Race which I expected more from this Euromeeting. Start a little bit to safe and did wrong route choice to 2nd. Near 3rd control saw Sander Vaher from Estonia, but he already took the control. Push hard after and caught him on the long leg to 6th. We also caught Joakim Svensk from Sweden and one Finnish guy. After that just follow till 9th and rest a little bit. Started to be more aggressive on the way to 10th. Everything went really well till 24th.. BUT than I and Sander did a HUGE mistake to 25th.. Already when we went in the mistake we split, but anyway control we found almost together after 6' of wanking... F*CK! I destroyed a chance to get in TOP6 and finished 22nd.
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Euromeeting 2015 (25/09/2015)