Latvian champ ultra long (02/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Pupoli, Brenguli
Organiser: ZVOC
Country: Latvia
Discipline: ultra long
Distance: 27.11 km
Time: 161:08
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 182
Victory! First individual gold ever in men elite. Hard race, because of very green parts near river Gauja. Also excited race, with lot of action in the race. Lost contact with leader to first control, than caught him at 4th control and also 2 more guys join us. Did good job in butterfly and I was ~1min in front of other, but lost left lens and tried to put new one - without success. One guy did not continue the race and 2 others caught me. After spectator control I was in front almost all of the race, but than did not see how one guy choose different route choice to 36th control and he was ~30'' in front of me. Surprised caught him at 40th control and than I was the best from second last till the finish.
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Latvian champ ultra long (02/10/2015)