Lapsu rogainings (07/11/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ungurs
Organiser: R24.LV, OK "Meridians", OK "Ziemelkurzeme"
Country: Latvia
Discipline: rogaining
Distance: 44.82 km
Time: 358:16
Average HR: 130
Maximum HR: 162
Really good planning. Managed to collect 96points! Just 2 points less than best team overall (MAN TEAM)! Control 28th and 65th was wrong placed, where we lost ~10' and chance to took 2 more controls in the end with total value 4 points (25th and 20th).
Thanks for my team mates - Zane and Valdis! Yes, yes we were MIX team :)
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Lapsu rogainings (07/11/2015)