Jukola (16/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Raippo, Lappeenranta
Country: Finland
Discipline: relay
Leg: 2
Distance: 14.62 km
Time: 78:13
Average HR: 169
Maximum HR: 181
Very good race, one of the best race from my side in Jukola relay. Endijs in first leg did very well job and gave me good starting position together with some strong teams, just 3' behind leaders. I made safe orienteering with some good route choices, also slow-green terrain was for me. In the last part of leg we caught leaders, but course was too short to fight for possibility to change 1st after 2nd leg. 11th best leg time and 17th spot after my race, just 35'' down to leader. In the end 34th place for TuMe 2nd team, 3rd best second team.
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Jukola (16/06/2016)