Latvijas IV olimpiade (02/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Valmiera
Organiser: ZVOC, LOF
Country: Latvija
Discipline: sprint
Distance: 4.25 km
Time: 17:07
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 184
Good feeling, but did not focus so good for all course. Did a good home work and I was prepared very well for this sprint course.
Big surprised for me was, that there was a new mapped area. Did a big hesitation to the first control near red stripes area and just stand there for 8", than 5" mistake to 8th control, when did not see a path between green; wrong turn to 10th control, when I run between building - 5"; BIGGEST mistake to 12th control, when I first cant to find best route choice on the map and start to run around, but than notice that I can run between two fences, but missed entrance to the first - this mistake totally cost me 45" and place in TOP6, last mistake was not my fault, but on 24th control my SI AIR card did not work and I need to came back 2 times to get a punch, there I lost more 5". Totally 1'08'' on mistakes, too much.. On clean race there could be a chance even fought for bronze medal.
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Latvijas IV olimpiade (02/07/2016)