Malienas kauss 2.diena (20/08/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Korneti, Veclaicene
Organiser: OK Ape-Aluksne
Country: Latvia
Discipline: long
Distance: 15.28 km
Time: 95:08
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 174
After yesterdays trail race went to my home club organized 2 days competition and run 2nd day (long distance with chasing start). Started 20.5' behind 1st day winner. For me it was a great training in very good map and training was more harder because to the first control I noticed that I have "bubble" at my compass and I have not correct direction. After 10th control start to push a little bit (you can see it from split times), but got a branch in my right eye to 22nd control and lost contact lens. After that just tried to finish this course.
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Malienas kauss 2.diena (20/08/2016)