Latvian championship (03/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Piejuras kempings
Organiser: SIA O!Latvija
Country: Latvia
Discipline: relay
Leg: 3
Distance: 7.63 km
Time: 34:17
Average HR: 172
Maximum HR: 199
Today we tried our new model for Ape-Aluksne OK, because no one of Sild brother join us also this year, than our youngest guy tried to handle 1st leg, Edgars Bertuks 2nd leg and I ALL IN for 3rd leg.
It was hard battle for us, because 1st leg already lost a bit more than 13' for leaders, Edgars did a great performance with fastest time on 2nd leg and gave me 6th spot and I go ALL IN, because medal position was almost 7' away. Started very well and already was in 4th spot, but than I got nervous because I did not see anybody who I passed, made a 3 mistakes in the row for 4' and 1' in last loop. Tried to caught a team who was back in 4th spot, but without success and we finished 5th with 8'' after 4th and a medal position was 9' away.
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Latvian championship (03/09/2016)