Latvian champ (part I) (07/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kausupe, Baldone
Organiser: SK Briksnis, Ozons OK
Country: Latvia
Discipline: ultra long
Distance: 21.16 km
Time: 103:43
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 181
Victory 2nd year in the row. Sad that there was just a few runners, but anyway I needed to fight with Latvian Ironman - Janis Krumins. Interesting course, because there was forking, butterfly and map change. Already on first forking split out with Janis Krumins, but we were together again before butterfly. He has a BIG loop first, but I have short one first. Than we split out again for almost 2h. I was in front and heard at map change, that my lead is ~1'. Krumins got closer because of forking, but missed control, after couple of control I made a mistake ~2' in the marsh (look at second map part) and he already was in front, but I caught him and than we run together some controls. I noticed that I am faster and run away from him in last part and won my 2nd individual gold at Latvian champs!
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Latvian champ (part I) (07/10/2016)