Latvian champ (07/10/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Krustpils
Organiser: LOF, SIA O! Latvija
Discipline: ultra long
Distance: 27.33 km
Time: 156:33
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 179
From beginning already I felt tired, but tried to push hard together with Arturs Paulins and Guntis Malins. After first butterfly I was second after Malins, but in front of Paulins 20''. Did a mistake to next control and let Paulins run away alone, because Malins also did a mistake. On the open field I saw that in front of me is 4 guys group and if I want to fight for a medal I must to catch them. Did it to next control, but I knew that Paulins is in front of us. Decide to stay with group, but our group speed was slower than Paulins speed who run alone almost all of the race. In the half way I understood that my legs are very weak and I am slowest guy in the group. My only chance was to hang with boys and tried my luck in last butterfly who was in the end of the race. Not so lucky this year, because 3 guys from the group was the same butterfly .. After second butterfly loop we caught Paulins and everybody start to fight for the medal... I did not have power to do that and let the boys fight. Finished 6th, not so happy about place, but race plan was good. My chance was to stay together with Paulins, but I miss it.
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Latvian champ (07/10/2017)