Jukola camp 2018 (11/11/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Santaveraja
Organiser: Lahden Suunistajat-37
Country: Finland
Discipline: relay
Distance: 4.79 km
Time: 33:42
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 167
Two man relay 3rd leg with my route. Start ~2' behind first team, did good work together with Sirmagio, who start some seconds after me. Caught a lot of teams to 4th control, but never caught the leading guy Uldis Upitis! Did a very big mistake to 7th control, when did not executed my own route choice because other tried to straight. Sirmagio went to finish because of very bad and cold weather. Lost some 2-3' there. After Tapsas 4th leg we finished 5th place, but actually could win this race.
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Jukola camp 2018 (11/11/2017)