Latvian championship (21/04/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kamparkalns
Organiser: OK Saldus, SIA O Latvija
Country: Latvia
Discipline: long
Distance: 17.97 km
Time: 106:46
Latvian champ long distance. Went to the start without any predictions about my orienteering performance in the long distance as last starter. Plan was to take it easy without any pressure. BUT everything change when I already to first control caught Janis Tamuzs for 3'. Hang with him till butterfly, mostly without my own route choices or navigation, just to check where we are running. It was a mistake, because I was not ready for own orienteering in butterfly and did 3 mistakes totally for 3'30'' and 5' mistake to very easy control after long leg. Totally around 9.5' on mistakes and some more time on too passive running in the last part of the course. 7th place in the finish, just 5'' to 6th. Aim was TOP6 before the race, a little bit too short, but I got those wright feelings for long distance, like it.
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Latvian championship (21/04/2018)