Baltic champ (25/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tartaks
Organiser: LOF
Country: Latvia
Discipline: long
Distance: 18.78 km
Time: 97:39
Very good start from my side. Return to national team after longer brake.

Start to 2nd - did it quite slow, to get in map. Actually not so good visibility.

2nd - 3rd a bit hesitation which route choice take, start to run more straight than decide to run around on path to get better running/orienteering feeling. Already from 2nd control straight on path could be some 20'' faster on this leg.

4th-7th - good route choices and I get bigger self confidence, that I can executed well this terrain.

8th - small 10-15'' mistake, because did not see a control and run up on hill to check if control is not other side and I am too much right, from hill looked one more time on the place where should be a control and I saw it.

9th - without any problem.

10th-11th - small mistakes in both control circles (around 20'' together).

12th - first idea was to run really around on right (what actually was the fastest route, because A.Alekseynok did it from BLR) Decide, that I can executed this leg also a bit straighter. Get lost after big depression, because there was some other path as well and I did not check a compass, decide to just run out on road and than up on open field. Probably lost some 2' definitely there on my route, running around on right can be even 3' faster than my time.

13th - small error, because did not focus on my work, but following some other runners, probably, there was some other control somewhere on right. Recognized mistake on swampy open field (40'' mistake).

13th - finish - Decide to run my own race, strong on compass and use roads where I can. Very good part from my side, because lost for Paulins less than 3' on this part of the race.

Without mistakes (4:35) could be on TOP10, very close to TOP6. Finished 13th place +9:12 to Paulins.

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Baltic champ (25/05/2018)