Meridanam - 40 (18/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Piparini
Organiser: OK Meridians
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Mixed night relay
Leg: 3rd (last)
Distance: 7.9 km
Time: 51:41
Terrible, terrible, terrible.
First night relay in Latvia in years, so I was really eager to participate. I had almost an unfairly good team - Edgars Lakis and Kristine Kokina and we had no choice but to win.
My two teammates did excellent job and sent me out in a 5 minute lead, 11 minutes before our main rivals whose anchorman was Andris Kivlenieks. I knew that I might have a quite big margin I tried to run safe but no matter how safe I tried to stay, I made mistakes.
To 1. I went off the trail too soon and just couldn't see the flag (I had a very weak headlamp to be honest). When returned to the trail and took control I was already angry and a bit nervous.
To 2. I should have gone right all the way around, using paths but I figured that straight choice looks quite good. I misunderstood the map, mistook tha post for small path and ran too far, missed. Again - relocated and found the control.
To third I tried to be careful with attackpoint but again didn't succeed. Small mistake.
To fourth I have left the route unadjusted because most of the time there I spent in the same place trying to figure why I cannot see the control. It turned out to be little higher, I think little too high and as it was so dark and green even such small difference cost quite some time.
To fifth apparently I ran on some path that is not on the map, thinking that everything is fine. To my surprise I missed again. When I finally found the control, I realised that none of the first 5 controls I took good. But that was not the end of it.
To 6th I tried to take a fool-proof route choice and before attacking control stopped and took direction very carefully. I cannot explain why or how I missed again. Twice. It was good luck that I found the control.
To the next one I crossed the electro-line in the worst possible place, I think. Somehow luckily found the control.
Next one is a comedy again. I couldn't keep the direction to path in the green area but when I finally found the path, missed crossroads and went too far. Then found imaginery crossroads and followed imaginery path, which surprisingly ended in marsh. I got lucky that on the otherside I regained control.
To 9th I didn't believe in myself and almost turned back but it was then that I saw Kivlenieks lamp for the first time and I already knew that that's him. Then I somehow got myself together.
To 10th chose safe option, but certainly not the fastest. Andris closed in but not completely.
To 12th I got better farst but I didn't know it at the time and when I lost direction in the meadow to the 13th control I almost panicked.
Last controls were no problems and somehow I managed to keep the lead.
Andris picked on me 10 minutes and in the finish only 45 seconds separated us. Yeah, we won but I certainly didn't feel as a winner and still don't. This was the most humiliating race in last two years I think and it has given me a lot to think about.
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Meridanam - 40 (18/05/2012) Meridanam - 40 (18/05/2012)