Baltic Championship Relay (27/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ratnieki
Organiser: A2, LOF
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 2nd
Distance: 6.95 km
Time: 46:47
Latvia 3 with Atis Reskis and Arturs Paulins. Atis ran well and sent me out as 8th.
I started fast but stupid.
Walked around the easy 1st control, didn't run straight enough to 2nd and didn't use compass properly to 3rd, the same to 4th.
However, disaster struck on my way to 5th, where I was not careful enough with direction (again) and tried to find the control too far. Caught Janis Kums running for Latvia 2 and together finally got it. 3 minutes lost there!
My straight route choice to next control was slower than Kums and his companion left choice.
When climbing the hill to 7th I thought I might not catch them again.
After spectator control I find my controls slowly but without mistake and passed two or three teams with longer gaffling. I handed over to Arturs as 8th, setting 8th time in 2nd leg. In the end we finished in 7th place. Had no power, especially in the last part of the race.
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Baltic Championship Relay (27/05/2012) Baltic Championship Relay (27/05/2012)