Latvian Sprint Championships (09/06/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dobele
Organiser: OK Saldus
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.61 km
Time: 16:22
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 255
As many of top athletes didn't start because of CISM or injuries, I had a good chance for a medal. But I didn't even dream of the golden one.
I felt calm and ready before start even if my trainings last two weeks were far below necessary amount.
First control already was a tricky one and I missed first gap in a fence but it was a matter of few seconds.
All went well until 5th control. As you can see, I have left fourth control as it was fifth - it is clearly visible from the direction out of control. Why I did this, I have no explanation. Probably high stress level last two weeks took it's toll.
From 7-10 were my best controls where I would have taken the lead, if my result would be valid.
11-16 were the nicest part of the course in castle ruins where the most important skill was to spot the little gaps in the ruins and use them for route choices, I missed one to 15th and some good 10 seconds as well.
After that physical part of the course started and no more mistakes, except for route choice error to 21st, were made.
I tried to keep running very hard in the end because I knew I had had a very good race and only lack of speed could take a medal away from me.
When I saw my split time print I just couldn't believe my eyes and a moment after I was in rage to myself.
I ran the course in 16:12 and gold medal winner Renars Roze had 16:23. My virtual time (even including few seconds it would take to punch 5th control) was second best in elite class, losing only to Modestas Bacys from Lithuania. As he is not latvian runner, he could not be awarded and that means I wasted GOLD MEDAL.
Worth noticing is Davis Disler's incredible run in M20 group. He ran the same distance in 15:15 and was in class of his own.
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Latvian Sprint Championships (09/06/2012) Latvian Sprint Championships (09/06/2012)