Latvian Long Distance Championships (10/06/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ievinas
Organiser: OK Saldus
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 0 km
Time: 0:00
Average HR: 111
Maximum HR: 111
After yesterdays failure in sprint I was determined to do well in long distance. And I did actually, but not as good as I had hoped for.
From very start of the race I felt tired and had to push myself to have at least some speed.
First long leg to second control felt like eternity and I missed in control area.
To 5th I think that the best choice was more straight and my route around was too far around. However, I didn't lose too much on that leg.
To 22nd I think I took the optimal route choice except for after drinking point I probably should have continued straight, not go left.
Small mistakes were made but only real one was to 24th where I misunderstood control area and that cost me about a minute.
When I finished, I thought that I had a good race and to my surprise I was only 9th 10 minutes behind leaders. Afterwards I counted 3 minutes in mistakes. Where 7 more went I have no idea - it must be pure lack of speed. Some dissapointment of course was there but I am happy that I made technically decent race after several bad ones. I am in great need for speed and that will drive my thoughts and actions through the summer.
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Latvian Long Distance Championships (10/06/2012) Latvian Long Distance Championships (10/06/2012)