Latvian Championships Middle (03/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jaunupe Z
Organiser: O!Latvija
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.8 km
Time: 39:09
One month of hard training for this race did not get me a satisfying result. Small mistakes all the way and lack of orienteering flow did not let me run as fast as I was able and I was never in the fight for medal positions. It was enough for forgottable 7th place. Thinking back to this day I can see that I had put too much pressure on myself to perform well. Deep down I knew that I am not fast enough to fight for medals (which was true) and tried to compensate it with rushed orienteering which is never a good idea. Next time I wish I could enter The Race with more confidence.
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Latvian Championships Middle (03/09/2016) Latvian Championships Middle (03/09/2016)