Latvian Championship Ultra long (08/10/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Katleri
Organiser: Selijas mezs OK
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Ultra long
Distance: 27.63 km
Time: 154:38
A surprising ending to season 2017 - a silver medal in a very strong field. After stupid mistakes to first two controls and following crazy pace until first butterfly, finally pace settled and we formed a group of five runners chasing a lone leader. Different route choices were tried but that didn't split the group. We almost caught the leader at control 40 and then I made my move which was succesful - 2nd place in the finish, 3 seconds after Arturs Paulins, who kept his lead until the end.
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Latvian Championship Ultra long (08/10/2017) Latvian Championship Ultra long (08/10/2017)