Jukola 1995 rerun (13/06/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hinsby
Organiser: OK Trian
Country: Finland
Discipline: NIght Relay
Leg: 2/7
Distance: 13.64 km
Time: 95:49
Interesting concept race. Rerun of 1995 Jukola race for 11 teams. Map (with some adjustments) and courses from 25 years ago.
I had a good starting position in a strong group and we kept the pace fine until 3rd control. I had decided for the straight route before the race and went for it alone, spliting off the group. Was not able to read the tricky terrain on this map and got totally lost in the slope. Alone.
Rest of the race I had to do independent orienteering and it was too hard for me at the 9th control, where everything made sense... until it didn't.
From 9th control onwards it went very well, no significant mistakes (except for route choice to 14th, where I lost around a minute) and good pace.
Only lucky coincidence of leading teams also making huge mistakes, let me keep the position just 3:22 behind the lead which allowed Olli-Markus to take the lead on the next leg.
Overall really bad race for me, but also some positive things, like good running shape, not giving up at all, and fastest time from 9th control to the finish.
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Jukola 1995 rerun (13/06/2020) Jukola 1995 rerun (13/06/2020)