Siguldas rudens (03/10/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vikmestes grava
Organiser: A2, LOF
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Mass start middle
Distance: 6.61 km
Time: 45:57
Mass start.
After 3rd control we were already just three runners in a group - me with Ilgvars Caune and Valters Reneslacis. Ran easy pace until butterfly. There I had to run alone and tried to run faster and get away, but I guess not accurate enough, because we exited it all together again.
Had decided on the straight option for control 20 already before and took it when saw both of them taking the path. I guess my choice actually was faster, but I misread contours on top of the hill and climbed extra which cost me something like 20'', maybe more. So at 20th control I was 9'' behind Ilgvars, but the climb had killed me and on the rest of the course I lost additional 36'' - 2nd place.
If I had executed the route choice better - perhaps I'd be ahead, but I don't think I could keep the position anyway, Not with those legs.
Legendary terrain, very well drawn map, but the course was not too good - take away half of the controls, give us some more route choices (and chances to run away) and then it would be so much better! Still, feels like a luxury to complain about course setting while in other countries season has been stopped again.
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Siguldas rudens (03/10/2020) Siguldas rudens (03/10/2020)