Malienas Kauss II (19/08/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Meistara ezers
Organiser: OK Aluksne
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Long (Chasing start)
Distance: 14.81 km
Time: 91:55
Average HR: 170
Maximum HR: 182
Chasing start after middle distance results day before. I had a good starting position with a chance to run together with two really strong guys - Janis Kums and Andris Jubelis but instead I did something special to second and third controls. I was thinking about everything else but the course - about my competitiors, a book I am reading, movie I watched yesterday and even raised some phylosophical questions of life. No wonder I made unbelievable parallel mistake to second and couldn't relocate for a while. I lost 7 minutes there and it was my biggest mistake since May. I got nervous and angry as I knew that at least top 6 is gone and rushed towards third control. Another mistake of the same kind (no compass use + wrong map reading) led to additional 3-4 minutes lost. I tried to pull myself together but it didn't happen until 8th control, where I finally started to orienteer the way I usually do. I was running alone all the time and lost motivation to fight, I also started to feel tiredness and made some more wanderings around controls number 22 and 23 where a veteran running in elite caught me. Then I drank some water and ran the rest flawlessly. Why this didn't happen earlier?
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Malienas Kauss II (19/08/2012) Malienas Kauss II (19/08/2012)