Latvian Championship Middle (08/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Smiltaji
Organiser: OK "Stiga"
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 7.83 km
Time: 37:01
YES! Bronze medal for me, after two Sild brothers. Race was not perfect but it was enough.
Mistakes to 6th, 10th and the biggest one to 17th cost about 2:15 in total. However, most costly mistake was to 17th where I lost approx. the same amount of time that to Lauri Sild in finish - 1:15. Anyway, bronze medal was my top dream. Appears that I finally found some running shape as well. After almost 15 months without it. Happy!
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Latvian Championship Middle (08/09/2012) Latvian Championship Middle (08/09/2012)