Nakts Magnets IV (25/09/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sencu Sils (Priedkalne)
Organiser: Magnets
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Night
Distance: 7.96 km
Time: 43:57
Average HR: 179
Maximum HR: 189
No focus. Too little thinking on my actions during the race. Didn't believe in myself when approaching 35th. I did good job in the butterfly but lost concentration returning to center from 47th and lost 1 minute there. Additional 30'' lost on 34th as I had no plan and direction. Satistfied with 50. and 51. - tricky and green but I had control. Third place, losing 5:30 to Martins Sirmais. Behind Anatolijs once more. Have to pull myself together and make at least one really good race. 5 chances left!
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Nakts Magnets IV (25/09/2012) Nakts Magnets IV (25/09/2012)