25-Manna (06/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 2nd
Distance: 8.46 km
Time: 44:40
Not a race that I would be proud of. Running capability was good, but reduced in the forest by slipery moss and rocks. As I had not run in Sweden since Tiomila, it was hard to adapt to rocky surface. Whenever I had a chance to run on a road, I felt really good. All would be good and well if I hadn't made two mistakes. Route-choice and it's execution to 46th was bad - I tried to find the southern path and thought that I passed it, but as it turned out, I never reached it. Uncertainity and confusion cost some time, maybve up to one minute. After spectators' passage I made three minute mistake when I decided to go up the hill without any attack point. And I didn't reach the necessary height for some time also. Finished strong at least. Picked up only 50 places instead of 100 and overall team performance was a lot like mine, well under our capabilities.
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25-Manna (06/10/2012) 25-Manna (06/10/2012)