BJC Open II (14/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Piejuras Kempings
Organiser: OK Ziemelkurzeme
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Shortened long
Distance: 14.39 km
Time: 71:01
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 196
I wanted to win, not kind of wanted but really wanted to reach my first elite Latvian Cup victory. To do that, I had to win with more than 1:15 ahead of Artjoms. Similarly to yesterday, I started with almost no warm up after commentating BJC race. That didn't trouble me physically and my big mistakes to first and second controls were tactical mistakes - wrong (unsafe) attack points and misinterpreted map lead to lost 2:20 already in the beginning. But I still kept pushing hard as this is the last race of season and I knew that everyone can leave 2-3 minutes in these tricky dunes. I continued well only with small uncertainities. When I approached finish I was extra careful but still ran to a wrong control near my 24th - 20 seconds lost. I pushed until the very end and, as I was the first starter, I had to wait for others to come. In the end I won overall by only 22 seconds! Kalvis Mihailovs humiliated us all today, winning by 6 minutes.
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BJC Open II (14/10/2012) BJC Open II (14/10/2012)