Ozons/Auseklis Night #2 (17/12/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Mangalsala
Organiser: OK Ozons
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Night
Distance: 9.21 km
Time: 60:42
Weekly night training with mass start. -9 C, 30cm snow. About 20 runners.
I enjoyed this training despite the inevitable tracks made by others. I tried not to rush and push too much but as I left my HR belt at home, I perhaps didn't try too hard. I am tired now.
At first I ran alone but then Janis Kums joined me and we shared the same forking. He ran away from me at the 16th control and I had no will nor power to follow his crazy acceleration. The rest went well and lonely and I finished third, about 4 minutes behind Martins Sirmais and about 2 minutes behind Kums.
I am happy that I managed to keep cool head (maybe not the hardest thing to do when it's -9 C) and orienteer all by myself when there were many others around.
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Ozons/Auseklis Night #2 (17/12/2012) Ozons/Auseklis Night #2 (17/12/2012)