OK Ozons/IK Auseklis night (21/01/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Mezaparks oldschool
Organiser: Liga Arniece
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Night
Distance: 11.92 km
Time: 75:11
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 188
Weekly night training. Three loops.This time, similar as last time, I increased speed with each lap.
Lap 1 26:12 3.9km 6:39min/km AVG HR 159 40'' mistakes
Lap 2 31:31 4.9km 6:28min/km AVG HR 165 90'' mistakes
Lap 3 17:28 3.1km 5:35min/km AVG HR 176 45''mistakes
I worked on such a small thing as holding map and compass in a right way and I must say I succeeded :) I made some small mistakes and one bigger (to 16th) but that was accaptable, as map was truly oldschool.
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OK Ozons/IK Auseklis night (21/01/2013) OK Ozons/IK Auseklis night (21/01/2013)