Multi-techniiq (06/02/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lameira
Country: Portugal
Distance: 2.13 km
Time: 15:18
Another excellent training.
Warm up course was good - route choices and very stony area. Some cows but no problem.
In corridor I had good orienteering flow and in some places I had to go around some bulls and cows not willing to move. I made 1-2 mistakes but realized them soon.
Rock course was the one with many cows that me and Rudis scared and made them run, at first away form us and then accidently towards us. Fun.
Last contour course I had most problems with. It was getting dark and I started to rush. Must focus until the very end.
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Multi-techniiq (06/02/2013) Multi-techniiq (06/02/2013)