Auseklis sprint training qualification (23/03/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Tornakalns
Organiser: Mikus
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 1.99 km
Time: 8:51
Average HR: 185
Maximum HR: 211
Streets and pavements were in pure ice. Sometimes I slowed down to walking pace just not to fall down. At least in that I succeeded.
I made some mistakes however and my performance all in all was terrible.
To 1st I think control was more left than I would like to see it. Perhaps because the feature - wall - was not actually so long.
Not sure about route choice to second - where I ran, there was absolute ice.
To 3rd obviously left choice was shorter, but with more turns and perhaps with more ice.
To 4th OK.
To 5th creative route choice :)
To 6th right was probably shorter but left was more runnable - less snow and ice.
To 7th OK.
To 8th made a big mistake. Route choice was correct, but I got confused with all the narrow alleys.
Still, others combination of ice and darkness managed even worse than me and I could start in the final as the leader!
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Auseklis sprint training qualification (23/03/2013) Auseklis sprint training qualification (23/03/2013)