Auseklis sprint training Final (23/03/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Arkadijas park
Organiser: Mikus
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint chase
Distance: 2.89 km
Time: 12:31
Average HR: 180
Maximum HR: 195
Rules as follow: Dark, icy and chase. I started first, 15'' in front of Edgars and 25'' in front of Zigmars, others followed further.
I started in steady pace but slipped and fell at 3rd control. It was really painful and I stayed down for about 20'' during which Edgars and Zigmars passed me. I continued in slow pace gradually picking it up.
I had the same forking as Zigmars so he was my main rival in this training. The decisive moment was 7th control which was not easy to spot and I managed to pass Zigmars there and kept the lead until the finish despite my suboptimal route choice to 12th - should have gone more left and used path not stairs to climb the hill. I didn't think very much about this route choice, I just ran where I had before. I knew that Zigmars will follow me and so he did.
After the butterfly it was clear that Edgars running alone had lost some time and was behind us, so I and managed to run for the victory and a precious prize!
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Auseklis sprint training Final (23/03/2013) Auseklis sprint training Final (23/03/2013)