Kurzemes Pavasaris II (08/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Pokaini
Organiser: OK Saldus, LOF
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 18.62 km
Time: 150:09
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 188
Surprising 20-30cm snow fell overnight and kept snowing all day. I had third starting time and already to 3rd control I was first. I was first of elite runners into finish, fighting all the way alone, sometimes clearing the snow caps off the control flags and SI-systems.
To 3rd should have gone using the path in the beginning of leg until the road to right, not struggle through snowy green area as I did.
3-4-5 were tricky but I think I made good footsteps to follow.
To the 7th turned in one path too soon than wanted and two paths too soon as would have been correct.
On my way to 10th control something fell into my eye and I had to stop to deal with it. When I continued, I felt desoriented and missed 11th, walking close to it. Other runner helped me to find it.
Got confused to 14. and 15.
On butterfly missed the right sequence and ran 16-17-18-20-19-21, that caused my DSQ at the finish. When leaving the butterfly, I had already 100 minutes of running time.
To the 22nd enjoyed icy swamp.
To 27th didn't notice the best (right) route choice, instead struggled through the green.
To 29th didn't notice path when crossing it and could have run even much further. Luckily, I understood my mistake quickly.
Little mistakes to 30. and 34. Had enough power to speed up in finish and didn't feel too tired afterwards, apparently I didn't push myself enough as low heart rate also proves.
My third long distance in elite group ever was a worthy match to WC race in Annecy and Natonal race in Le Revard, both in France.
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Kurzemes Pavasaris II (08/04/2012) Kurzemes Pavasaris II (08/04/2012)