Lieldienu Balva (09/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Uzvaras parks
Organiser: OK Mona, LOF
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.24 km
Time: 17:11
Average HR: 182
Maximum HR: 193
Very fast sprint. I was worried if I would have enough power after yesterdays 2h30min in a forest but turned out that I have even more power then before. Could keep steady pace all the way without losing it towards end.
Area around the beginning of course was known to me because I had participated in trail-o there before. Small mistakes to 4th and 9th were I didn't choose the best trajectory.
To13th I couldn't believe that the right choice would be running so much around, so stopped and hesitated. Right choice proved to be shorter after all.
When leaving 16th should have avoided staircase and gone straight.
Last part was just running which is not my strenght at the moment.
Ended up in satisfying 4th place losing the winner Arturs Paulins more than 70 seconds and to second and third place, respectively, 19 and 16 seconds.
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Lieldienu Balva (09/04/2012) Lieldienu Balva (09/04/2012)