Kurzemes Pavasaris I (07/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Pokaini
Country: OK Saldus, LOF
Discipline: Middle
WRE race. Already in start I understood that legs are not moving fast enough and no power to deal with the short but steep slopes was there. During the race I was thinking that it is way too long and towards end I just wanted it to stop.
Technically I couldn't find what is called the "flow". The rhytm was broke and sometimes I struggled to understand the map.
To 5th I left 4th control uncontrolled and lost direction in the green. Around 6th I couldn't find the right mikro-choices and struggled a lot to get through fallen trees.
To 8th I made my masterpiece. Went into green area, found one "yellow" (not on the map), found second and punched. Numbers didn't much but all I could imagine was that course setter is wrong and has placed control with wrong number there. Of course I was not right. I didn't hesitate too much and continued my way. No surprise that it ended in mistake to 9th. Even then I blamed stress which was caused by my misfortune at the 8th control, not the possibility that I could have been wrong.
Wrong direction and confusion to 11th, and only then I wondered that maybe I was the one who was wrong at the 8th control. However, I decided not to think about it during the race.
I continued OK together with Edgars Briconoks and Finns who were flying in various directions - small miss on 18th, icy marsh to 26th and finally the end.
if I wouldn't be DSQed, would have occupied 20th position which is far from what I hoped for. Weak beginning of the season in Latvia for me.
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Kurzemes Pavasaris I (07/04/2012) Kurzemes Pavasaris I (07/04/2012)