Riga Championship - Relay (12/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Siena tirelis
Organiser: Ozons
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3rd (last)
Distance: 7.95 km
Time: 41:33
In team Auseklis I with Zigmars and Edgars. Defending champions.
In the last leg I started as second, 2-3min behind the leader Andris Jubelis.
I ran really fast and did good orienteering between controls, but had small hesitations and uncertainities in the control area a few times. To 9th should have ran to the right, around the marsh, to 11th suddenly lost control for 5''-10'', to 12th somehow managed to turn the map 180' wrong - cost me 15''. Ran the spectator control very (too) fast and couldn't keep it together afterwards. To 16th wrong route choice and bad execution.
Overall, I am satisfied with my performance, especially physical part. I kept second place for the team and had the second best time of the day, around 70 seconds behind Jubelis.
This was an OK training for Baltic Championship relay (next sunday), but I think I will run more convincing there, I have found out that rivalry helps me to concentrate. I didn't feel it this time as I ran whole course alone.
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Riga Championship - Relay (12/05/2013) Riga Championship - Relay (12/05/2013)