Meridians night relay (24/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Priekuli
Organiser: OK Meridians
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 1st
Distance: 8.5 km
Time: 45:15
Only night relay in Latvia, so it was almost a duty to participate. We had a team IK Auseklis consisting of me, Annija Zalaiskalna and Edgars Lakis. I chose to run the first leg which I expected to be most fun.
After a very close and frantic fight for pole position until starting point I had to stop and read the map. I got it all right and approached 1st control. I was the only one going straight into control, everyone else ran more to the left. My lamp in the very green forest fell off and I started to have doubt if I am even close to my control. I panicked and tried to relocate. In the end together with other miserables we found it after 1:10. Nothing much was lost but I lost it. I tried to run fast and did not look carefully enough in the map until 4th control. So in the first spectators' control I was well behind the leaders in aprx. 10th position.
As I climbed up the hill, also my self confidence elevated and I climbed the positions as well, even if running slow and careful. In the urban part I saw that I am about 20''-30'' in front of everybody else. But I suspected that some runners should be in front. I got confirmation about that in 14th control, where I was told that Janis Sars is alone in the lead of about 90''. The chasing group of course got me and at the 16th control we all caught also Sars, who made a mistake there. The race restarted there.
Me, Janis Kums and Janis Sars (3xJanis) ran away from the others and I took the lead and succesfully navigated us to the 17th control and chose to run to the asphalted road to the right on our way to the 18th control. At that point only me and Kums were left in the front as Sars had different gaffling. I chose to go right to 20th and Kums after some hesitation joined me there. I had a small lead which decreased with every passing meter. From second last control until the finish we had running speed of 3:00min/km which is pretty good, I think.
Kums ran past me on the way to the last control and I started my counterattack only in the finish corridor and had to be a step behid him at the finish. However, I had longer arms or smoother punching technique and managed to get the same time as he :)
In the end we finished as 3rd which was about what we expected, maybe 2nd place was possbile if we all had clean runs. We got loads of good (edible) stuff in the prize giving ceremony and our participation in next years relay is nothing to debate about.
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Meridians night relay (24/05/2013) Meridians night relay (24/05/2013)