Latvijas Gazes kauss (09/06/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Silciems
Organiser: A2
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Shortened long
Distance: 8.93 km
Time: 75:29
Training competition. I wanted to regain confidence in such terrain, always to have a route choice plan and attack point in mind when approaching control. Also I wanted to run hard all the uphills.
2nd control was my biggest mistake this season. Approximately 5:50 was the time loss. I changed my original plan to take the control from the river bank I already was to plan including path near the control. Of course, as I reached the path, I got confused about how far had I gone and started to be very unsure. Tried to relocate in all the wrong places until I finally returned to last place I was +/- sure of my position. Then I got it.
Consequently my route choice to 3rd was a choice influenced by being unsure - should have gone across the first hill. Also to 6th it was extreme detour form the thin red line. I also missed control nr. 15 as I didn't use compass enough and was unsure whether I really was where I thought I was.
I had small mistakes and time-consuming uncertainities in many places. I blame it to lack of concentration and lack of systematic orienteering trainings in the last few weeks.
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Latvijas Gazes kauss (09/06/2013) Latvijas Gazes kauss (09/06/2013)