Jukola (15/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jamsa
Organiser: Jamsan Retki-Veikot
Country: Finland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3rd
Distance: 15.99 km
Time: 94:42
Edgars sent me out on 183rd place and I knew that my pre-start goal to reach top100 was very hard to fulfil, however, I believed that with an excellent run it is possible.
I started out very fast, running almost as fast as single leg orienteering intervals. I made small mistakes accordingly - my orienteering speed just couldn't keep up with my legs. I slowed down soon after the big climb.
Until 10th control I had passed 34 teams and was in 149th position. Then I made a bad route choice to 11th and missed it in the control area trusting too much on paths other runners had made. On this leg I lost about 2 minutes and fell back to 163rd position.
I more or less successfully navigated through the nicest part of the course - 11-18 - and regained some places (142nd position).
On my way to 19th control I started to feel very tired and even walked some part of the not-so-big hill. When I reached the road, I decided to use it and not to cross the marsh. It worked, I passed 5 more teams (137th). On 20th control I drank two cups of energy drink. It proved to be bad decision as on the long leg to 23rd I had stomach problems and had to make two pit-stops, losing precious time (about 1.5min) and several places.
After I had recovered, I caught the group which I lost during my ordeal and punched 23rd control in groups' lead - 137th position. From there all what was left was just running and I managed to squeeze all left energy out of myself and passed everyone I could, punching last control in 133rd place and seeing only one of my rivals some 30m in front of me. With great last finish burst I overtook him and changed over to Steffan in 132nd postion.
I had climbed 51 places and that was good, but I could have been close to top100 if not for my mistake of 2 minutes and unfortunate accident on the long leg. I set 110th time on my leg, last year I was 113th. I was hoping for a bigger progress but it was a decent run and I am satisfied with my fighting spirit.
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Jukola (15/06/2013) Jukola (15/06/2013)