WOC Sprint Q Rerun (08/07/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Katinkulta-Vuokatti
Organiser: Suomi
Country: Finland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.77 km
Time: 14:23
Average HR: 134
Maximum HR: 254
After the WOC race was over, we, mortals, were given a chance to test ourselves against the best. I did a very good race with probably not the best route choices to 5th and 9th and a small mistake to 13th, and set the time worthy for a place in the WOC Sprint Final.
I knew some orienteering challenges from watching the WOC Q race, but during the WOC race I tried as much as possible not to pay attention to route choices made and the times set by athletes. Even if this does not necessarily mean that I would qualify for the final in WOC, it means that the physical capacity to do so is here.
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WOC Sprint Q Rerun (08/07/2013) WOC Sprint Q Rerun (08/07/2013)