Kapa Day 3 (29/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mikelbaka
Organiser: OK Kapa
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 0 km
Time: 0:00
I was in a good position for TOP3 place in overall.
I just had to run a decent race and not to mess up.
I started way too slow in my running and orienteering and at the 8th control was caught by Kristaps Jaudzems by 2 minutes. I knew that he couldn't threaten my overall position so we cooparated and I was mostly following him. To 16th control I took the initiative and soon the troubles begun. To 19th I just missed planned attack point and had to return. About 1:30 lost. To the next one I chose to make an easy control into difficult one (red route instead of the blue one) and ran past it while following my comrade. It ended as a 6 minute mistake and good-bye to TOP3 and also TOP6 in overall.
Painful lesson. Running with others is my weakness.
Even if I finished Kapa 3days only in 8th place, this was an unforgottable experience and I will take the positive things with me into the future.
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Kapa Day 3 (29/06/2013) Kapa Day 3 (29/06/2013)