Malienas Kauss Day 1 (17/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Apes pagrieziens
Organiser: OK Aluksne
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 7.06 km
Time: 33:15
Bad orienteering. No security, no direction, no self control and no discipline.
4th control cost me 2:15 and when I reran that leg once more after race I understood how random my actions had been before and during mistake. No logic, no rational thinking, just relying on luck and emotions.
I was caught by Martins Skujenieks there and, after I made some small mistakes on the following controls, I let it all go, let him take the lead and only when I felt truly ready, ran away from him.
To 13th and following legs speed and precision were alright.
This race gave me only 9th place, 5:56 after Martins Sirmais.
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Malienas Kauss Day 1 (17/08/2013) Malienas Kauss Day 1 (17/08/2013)